Bill Of Sale & Health Guarantee

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  1. All puppies are sold as pet quality, there are no guarantees, expressed or implied, as to adult size of puppy, show potential, temperament, or breeding soundness.
  2. The puppy has been wormed prior to sale and has had its first vaccinations. Record of vacations will be sen twitch the puppy. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT PUPPIES BE RESTRICTED FROM PUBLIC OUTDOOR AREAS AND EXPOSURE TO TOHER DOGS UNTIL THEIR VACCINATION SERIES IS COMPLETED AT 16 WEEKS OF AGE.
  3. Buyer is to arrange a puppy check up by a qualified veterinarian WITHIN 48 HOURS  of receiving puppy (not including Sundays?. Seller will not be responsible for the health of the puppy after the puppy’s well status has been established at the initial well puppy check. During this initial exam, should or veterinarian detect any communicable disease or life threatening health condition, you must contact the seller immediately. In the event your vet diagnoses a communicable disease or life threatening genetic defect at the initial exam, you must return the puppy and all papers (registration, pet guarantee, shot record) to the Seller. In case of death of the puppy before the initial exam, the Buyer must submit a veterinarian’s necropsy report as tot the cause of death and death must be entirely due to a covered communicable disease or congenital defect. Breeder shall be notified immediately in the event other puppy has an illness, or does not eat well before the initial vet exam. Failure to have the initial vet check done within two days or to notify breeder of illness or poor eating before the initial exam will void this warranty. Breeder shall not reimburse any veterinary expenses or other expenses incurred by the buyer at any time. Breeder’s warranty is limited to a replacement puppy, upon the immediate return (within 2 days of veterinarian’s sam) of the puppy (uninjured and unharmed), its registration papers, and  a written veterinarian’s statement that includes the complete diagnosis of the communicable disease or congenital life threatening defect that makes the puppy unfit. Not covered – internal or external parasites, hernia, undescended testicles, under or overbite, injury, allergies, heat exhaustion or hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is preventable with good care and feeding.
  4. If your puppy is diagnosed with a life threatening congenital defect making him/her unsuitable as a pet before 1 year from date of birth, it will be replaced with another puppy. If your puppy is found to have any life threatening genetic defect you must notify us immediately and supply us, within 2 days of diagnosis, with your veterinarian’s written report. We reserve the right to have the diagnosis verified by another veterinarian of our choice and/or require the Buyer to have specific tests run on the puppy to verify the diagnosis before exchange. When the puppy is replaced it will be replaced with one of equal value as soon as available, after the puppy and all papers have been returned to breeder. Buyer is responsible for all transportation of puppies. Puppy must not be euthanized without prior written approval from the breeder or this guarantee shall be void. Buyer understands that the following slight defects are not considered life threatening and therefore are not covered? hernias, descended testicle, under or over bites. Because luxating patellas and collapsing trachea can be caused by injury, they are not covered after veterinarian’s initial exam. Buyer understands that replacement option is nay valid when health problems are life threatening and are attributed solely to a hereditary problem and are not due to accident or injury. In case of death, a necropsy will be required to determine if death is due to a genetic problem in order to have the puppy replaced.
  5. Kennel cough and other communicable disease are not covered after your veterinarian’s initial exam. Failure to follow the veterinarians recommended medical advice and/or treatment will void this warranty.
  6. If shipping has been approved by Breeder, arrangements will be made between Breeder and Buyer. Puppy becomes the sole responsibility of the Buyer once the breeder delivers the puppy to transport personnel and puppy is in their care.
  7. This guarantee applies only to the original owner of the puppy.


  1. This puppy is not being bought for resale and shall be maintained and kept under personal control of the Buyer of this puppy, shall be given adequate housing, food, veterinarian care, and shall in no manner be mistreated, neglected, or allowed to roam freely. This This puppy is to be kept as a house dog. This puppy is sold as pet quality’ warranty is void if dog has been bred.
  2. If circumstances become so that the Buyer cannot keep this dog, Buyer promises not to discard the dog at any shelter, humane society, or rescue group, ad to make every effort to place the dog in another suitable home. If the buyer is unable to provide a suitable home for the dog, the dog shall be returned to the breeder.
  3. Buyer has read the hypoglycemia information, including prevention, symptoms and treatment.
  4. Buyer agrees by signing below that under no circumstances will payment be stopped on any check, money order, cashiers check or PayPal payments which breeder had accepted for payment of reservation fees. There will be no PayPal charge backs.

This written agreement is a binding contract, and is the only agreement between the Buyer and Seller. Contract is to be interpreted pursuant to the laws of Utah. Jurisdiction and venue to be determine disputes shall be in Utah County. Any dispute regarding this agreement shall be bought solely in UtahCounty, Utah.  All legal issues and/or court action will be filed in Utah County, Utah. 

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